Ensemble is a Power Connector!


Ensemble is excited to announce that we are officially a Power Connector for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) American-Made Challenges Network. For a little bit of background, this unique program is committed to accelerating progress towards a clean energy economy. The American-Made Challenges program offers independent energy innovators and entrepreneurs to revolutionize America’s Energy Landscape. This is accomplished through a variety of prize challenges where solvers are incentivized to tackle tough climate issues.

Participants don’t have to be revolutionizing the clean energy industry alone though! Many of the prizes through the American-Made Challenges program offer training, networking, teaming, mentoring, and technical assistance to drive teams and individuals towards success.

Now, you may be wondering, who is providing all these awesome resources to challenge participants?

This is where Ensemble comes in as a Power Connector! As described on the DOE’s American Made Challenges website, Power Connectors are deeply involved with prize program execution, recruitment, and support for the challenges that the American Made Challenge Network offers. We are eager to bring our expertise in open innovation, prize design, challenge management, and solver outreach to the DOE in their efforts to transform the American Economy to Clean Energy.

To learn more about the DOE’s American Made Challenge Network:


To learn more about Ensemble’s Open Innovation offerings: https://www.ensembleconsultancy.com/open-innovation-offerings

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