Prize Challenge Management

The Process

How we work

Step 1

Understand the problem domain

We are distinguished innovation experts with a deep knowledge of conducting problem decomposition research and environmental analyses.
Step 2

Design Challenge platform

Clear and succinct challenge rules, requirements, and problem statement are foundational to a high impact prize challenge program.

Step 3

launch program & engage solvers

We build and launch interactive challenge websites with custom branding to reach, educate, and inspire participation. 

Step 4

Manage challenge judging & evaluations

We facilitate and support challenge judging and submission scoring processes.

Step 5

support the solver community

We work closely with your crowd to ensure all parties are satisfied and results are met.

Step 6

Deliver the final results

We ensure America COMPETES compliance and deliver solutions while fulfilling prize awards.

related services

Web-based Challenge Platform Development

We develop human-centered digital competition platforms to manage prize challenges

Solver Marketing & Communications

We creatively reach and educate target audiences with engaging content

Prize Challenge Operations & Management

We deliver prize competition services with high quality client services

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