Cloud Services

what we do


cloud migration

Lifting and shifting applications to the cloud to improve performance while lowering costs.

cloud native DEVELOPMENT

Developing products using the powerful resources and tools of AWS.

platform re-architecting

Modernizing applications to meet the needs of your future users.

serverless deployments

Deploying technologies with event-driven architectures to optimize costs and performance.

API development

Implementing APIs to stitch together the functionality of your product or application.

Application maintenance

Providing on-going services to maintain libraries, push bug fixes, and release software updates. 

We're an emerging AWS public sector Partner

We build AWS cloud technologies to design, deploy, and maintain cutting-edge  open science applications using resources such as:

  • Storage Solutions (S3)
  • Global Media Distribution (CloudFront) 
  • Containerized Compute (ECS),
  • Serverless compute (Lamdba)
  • API Gateways
  • RDS databases (PostGres, Aurora)

AWS Cloud Certifications

AWS Public Sector Partner

AWS Select Tier Partner

related services

Application Development

We develop human-centered digital experiences

Web & Mobile Design

We design interfaces to delight and educate users

Program Management

We deliver projects with high-quality client services

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