Ensemble Wins Contract with NASA CAS Discovery Team




We’re thrilled to announce that Ensemble has won a new contract with the NASA Convergent Aeronautics Solutions (CAS) Discovery Team! Over the next year, our team will collaborate closely with CAS, to hire five freelancers to support their Discovery Team. The Discovery team members, as part of their multifaceted roles, seek awareness of societal needs and capabilities in different domains such as society, politics, environments, and ethics, in addition to aviation. The Discovery Team aims to understand the connections among these diverse domains and their intersections with aviation.

Over the next few weeks, we will be onboarding two Open Innovation Architects and three key generalists from policy, economics, legal, social science, or ethics disciplines. These key roles will support the NASA Discovery Team in exploring the mapping of the future, identifying societal problems aligned with NASA’s mission, and aiding in the development of methodologies to address complex societal and global challenges, where issues such as poverty, hunger, sustainability, or homelessness reside. 

The CAS project, committed to addressing “wicked” problems, deals with challenges residing in complexity, ambiguity, and constant change. The Discovery Team’s role is to seek awareness of societal needs, understand connections among different domains, and plan strategic investments in research and development of aeronautics solutions. Ensemble is excited to collaborate with the CAS Discovery Team, contributing to its mission of tackling complex societal challenges through innovative solutions. This collaboration will build on our current support for NASA CoECI, in which we are sourcing and integrating expert project management freelance talent to support the NASA open innovation program.

For more information about our professional services and how we can support your organization with on-demand flexible talent solutions, please visit the Ensemble Consultancy website. 

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