New Employee Spotlight: Nabor Reyna



Hello everyone, my name is Jazzlyn McPherson, and I am an intern with Ensemble. I’m excited to introduce and highlight one of Ensemble’s newest employees, Nabor Reyna, who joined our team this summer as the Director of Digital Transformation for our business development team. I had the pleasure of discussing Nabor’s background, what led him to Ensemble, and what he finds most exciting about his work joining our team!

Q: Can you provide a brief summary of your position at Ensemble?

Nabor: I am the Director of Digital Transformation at Ensemble. I am responsible for leading our digital business development and strategic efforts to gain clients and expand our brand presence.

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about your background before coming to Ensemble?

Nabor: I have degrees in both mathematics and science. I started my career in the Oil and Gas industry, focusing on high-performance computing, data science, and data engineering. Later, I transitioned to consulting in the SF Bay Area, working with various tech companies on projects ranging from visualization to pipeline migrations. I have experience in digital transformation in both the commercial sector and public sector.

Q: What led you to join Ensemble?

Nabor: The biggest factor was the change of pace in client requests. In the tech industry, many projects were about maintaining the status quo, and it became somewhat monotonous. At Ensemble, we aim to empower our government to improve its operations. I wanted to apply my skills to help the U.S. government and its agencies grow digitally. Ensemble’s mission to assist the government aligned perfectly with my expertise, making it a great fit.

Q: What part of your position at Ensemble are you most excited about?

Nabor: When I spoke with various Ensemble team members  and saw some of the projects they were working on, like NASA’s Break the Ice Challenge, I was impressed. It’s exciting to be part of projects that have a tangible impact, and being involved in processes that make a positive difference is incredibly fulfilling.

Q: What has been the most rewarding part of your career so far?

Nabor: During the pandemic, I worked with the State of California at the Governor’s Office, creating reports and pipelines that provided crucial metrics for daily decision-making. We assisted in managing state transmissions, hospital capacities, and supply chains, ensuring the efficient distribution of masks, gloves, and medicine. It was incredibly rewarding to see our efforts directly influencing state policies and making a positive impact every day.

Q: How do you see your role evolving over the next few years at Ensemble?

Nabor: I aim to help grow our team. I have previously managed teams ranging from seven direct reports to overseeing a team of 50. I plan to apply this experience to Ensemble, particularly in expanding our remote contract workforce. I look forward to contributing to the growth and development of our team.

Q: Can you share a memorable project or accomplishment from your previous work experience?

Nabor: One memorable project was with a robotic pizza company called Zume. They developed a robot in a truck that made pizza, ensuring it was fresh and hot upon delivery. I worked on their backend systems to handle applications and resume processing, helping their HR team efficiently bring in talent. It was one of my first projects at my past company, and it was exciting to contribute to such an innovative concept.

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