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Looking to streamline your digital transformation process, spur greater innovation within your agency, or improve your communication capabilities? Look no further than Ensemble! Our team of experts specializes in these areas and have a unique advantage as an 8(a) certified small business. Consider working with us to access highly-rated digital transformation, innovation, communications, and program management services while supporting the small disadvantaged business ecosystem. 


 As an SBA-Certified 8(a) Minority-Owned Small Business, Ensemble Government Services, LLC can accept and receive sole-source contract awards from all Federal Agencies up to 4.5 million dollars for all non-manufacturing services and up to 7.5 million dollars for manufacturing contracts. Sole sourcing requires one of the exceptions cited in FAR 16.505 (b)(2)(ii) to apply. 

The Government program manager or interested party will develop a short Statement of Work (SOW), prepare government estimates, and obtain the necessary funding. 

Submit Procurement Request

The Government program manager or interested party chooses Ensemble Government Services to fulfill the work and submits a procurement request (8a Procurement Request) and SOW to the agency contracting officer.

Prepare Offer Letter

 The agency contracting officer prepares and submits an Offer Letter (using the 8(a) Procurement Request) to Ensemble Government Services Opportunity Specialist, Ms. Carmen Gonzalez carmen.gonzalez@sba.gov 904-443-1924

4. Process and submit offer letter to Ensemble Government Services LLC

The offer letter is processed and returned to the agency contracting officer who submits a statement of work and request for proposal or quotation to Ensemble Government Services LLC

Ensemble Submits proposal

 Ensemble Government Services submits the proposal which then the agency evaluates and negotiates (if necessary)

Contract is awarded

The contract is awarded to Ensemble Government Services. 


Work begins on the agreed-upon timeline.