Meet the Summer 2019 Ensemble Interns

Meet the Summer 2019 Ensemble Interns

To kick off the summer on the right foot, Ensemble has welcomed two new summer interns, Kyle Korona and Jamal Gauthier. Allow them to introduce themselves below.

Jamal Gauthier

About: Hey everyone! My name is Jamal Gauthier and I hail from Long Island, New York. I currently attend the Catholic University of America and am pursuing a degree in Business Administration and two minors in Asian Studies and Computer Science. As an intern at Ensemble this summer, I will be responsible for a wide array of tasks, including but not limited to: typing and refining Ensemble promotional materials, drafting content for government procurement, building relationships with current and potential clients, among many other duties. With tomorrow making it almost one week since I began my internship with Ensemble, I’m reminded of the main reason I chose to be an intern here and not pursue other opportunities; the creative exploration that Ensemble provides allows me to gain a large breadth of knowledge about the topics of my interest. Our Chief of Staff, Adam Karides, tailors our skillsets and fascinations to align with Ensemble’s company needs. This ensures a win-win situation as it pertains to both Ensemble’s mission and our development as budding professionals.

Background: Before joining Ensemble, I had gained experience working within a limited capacity in roles such as information technology, bookkeeping processes, workflow systems, data management, customer service, and business promotion. As a burgeoning young person that seeks to leverage his collective experience towards the dream of being an entrepreneur one day, I see interning at Ensemble as a high-reaching stepping stone from which I can position myself even higher towards my life ambitions. I appreciate the opportunity that Ensemble has provided me this summer and I will endeavor to provide them with as much value as I can for as long as I’m on board.

Activities: In my spare time I enjoy a number of hobbies such as riding my skateboard, watching anime, playing chess, shooting hoops, running with friends, and taking long walks by myself.

Fun Fact: A fun fact that many people may not (or may) know about me is that I’m quite clumsy and ungraceful. The first impression that many people have of me is that I’m a very stoic and balanced person but they are quickly proven wrong within minutes of getting to know me.


Kyle Korona

About: Hello! My name is Kyle Korona and I am a senior finance major at the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. I am from Lexington, KY (Go Cats!) and found my way to the DC area wanting to play collegiate soccer. At CUA, I was a part of the men’s soccer team for two years.

Background: Here at Ensemble, I am a business development intern helping with prospecting, proposal writing, and digital marketing. One of the great benefits of interning with a growing company, like Ensemble, is that I will learn about different aspects of the business and my work will have a direct impact on Ensemble’s success. Previously, I interned with a financial software company where I handled financial data and managed the company database. I hope to apply my strengths in analysis and problem solving here at Ensemble. Also, I hope to find new areas I can take my finance degree once graduating.

Activities: In my free time I enjoy watching movies, playing with video games with friends, and playing soccer when I can. I love music and plan to attend more concerts.

Fun Fact: When I was growing up my family had 7 dogs at one time. Five of them were roughly 150lbs each. We had 4 Newfoundlands, 2 West Highland Terriers, and 1 South African Mastiff.

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