Everything You Need to Know about the Infrastructure Deal & America COMPETES Act


On November 15, 2021, President Joe Biden passed the monumental Bi-Partisan Infrastructure Bill. Small businesses now have the opportunity to directly impact the infrastructure of the United States while expanding their business and promoting national innovation and competitiveness in emerging areas of climate change and cybersecurity. According to the U.S Small Business Administration, the bill will improve US competitiveness and create more jobs by opening a door of opportunity to small businesses. Infrastructure plans require innovative solutions to infrastructure problems addressed in the bill. Cybersecurity and digital divides, land and air infrastructure, and energy and transportation are among them. Creating a diverse range of industries for small businesses to participate in can further drive innovation and competitiveness at the domestic and international levels, boosting economic opportunity.

The America COMPETES ACT will further reinforce small business innovation and competitiveness, which the House passed on February 7, 2022. This bill, awaiting Senatorial approval, aims to boost US competitiveness with China in scientific manufacturing and research areas through encouraging domestic research and development by authorizing billions of USD to fund these actions. Specifically, the bill will drive innovation and capacities of small businesses within the government contracting sector, and those who accept federal funding through either prize competition and challenges or other contracts. Funded by federal dollars, prize competitions, challenges, and other contracts will work with small businesses for science and technology competitions. Small business innovators now have the opportunity to expand their workforce and capacity through the federally funded prize challenges that intend to drive innovation and competition at the international level.

The policy plans described in the infrastructure bill and America COMPETES Act create more opportunities for Small, Disadvantaged Businesses like Ensemble to compete in a more competitive, diverse, and innovative market. The United States’ desire to fund innovation through a bottom-up process, creating a need for small businesses to bring innovative solutions to the infrastructure, science, and technology problems. Businesses like Ensemble will further showcase excellence in weather science, technology, data, and digital transformation solution consulting because of this need. Ensemble will be able to develop open innovation solutions to more small businesses, encouraging domestic and international innovation and development through prize challenges as stated in the America COMPETES Act. Ensemble will also benefit from the lucrative policies in both acts and contribute to the emerging competitive and diverse marketplace for other small businesses.


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